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CLB's unique bilingual LL.B. program A prominent advantage!

The College of Law and Business (CLB) invites you to enroll to our unique bilingual LL.B. program. The only LL.B. program in Israel which allows you to enjoy the best of all worlds: Live in Israel; Study in its center; Graduate with the ability to practice law in English and Hebrew while qualifying to take both the NY & Israeli bar exams.


Taught in English and Hebrew by top legal scholars from U.S. and Israel law schools. Earning your bilingual LL.B. spreads over 3.5 years (unless you already have a B.A which will shorten the duration to 3 years). Our LL.B. degree requires 140 academic credits, approx. 70 in Hebrew and 70 in English. Although proficiency of the Hebrew language in required, we are well aware of the challenges this requirement poses - Our solution: Students may turn in assignments, as well as take exams, in English in most of all core classes. For those students requiring additional language assistance, our program offers tutoring, guidance and counselling all to ensure your success.

Top Faculty

Courses are taught by a top faculty from NYU, Chicago University and Brown University as well as by Israeli faculty members who graduated from the best academic institutions in the world (e.g., Stanford, NYU, Chicago, etc.).

International Programs

The LL.B. Program for English speakers offers a variety of international experiences which equips our students with all necessary tools for a successful professional career.

  • Internships at the immigration and Refugee clinic at Harvard University & University of Pittsburgh
  • Short term Internship at Lindenpartners, Berlin, Germany
  • Fast-Track LL.M. either at Cardozo Law School (New York City), Fordham University (NY), or at Chicago-Kent College of Law, (Chicago), United States (2 semesters) with possible tuition remission.  
  • C. Vis Moot Commercial Arbitration Competition in Vienna, Austria
  • Summer course regarding International Arbitration at the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, France. To read about CLB's accomplishment http://www.clb.ac.il/english/law_news11.html
  • Students Exchange Chongqing, China
  • Summer internships with the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), Rome, Italy
  • Copyright Law course at Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Global Business Law courses at Kassel University, Germany

For additional information, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or E-mail: mickey@clb.ac.il



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